Software Testing Life Cycle And Software Testing Operations

Software testing life cycle has the following phases:

  1. Requirement study: where the requirement of the client is understood and functional documentation is done.
  2. Test plan: Considering the requirement of the project, testing activities are planned and test plan document is prepared.
  3. Test Case Design: Testing scenarios are identified and test cases are designed accordingly.
  4. Requirement and test cases are mapped and requirement traceability matrix is prepared.
  5. Execution of test cases: tests should be executed and bugs should be reported.
  6. Once the defects are fixed, retesting and regression testing must be carried out.
  7. Test reports should be prepared.
  8. Testing activity is completed.

Requirements Study

In this process:

  • Requirement traceability matrix is prepared.
  • Module wise priorities and approach is set.
  • Area that require automation testing and the ones that require manual testing are identified.

Test Case Design And Development

This process involves:

  • Preparation of test cases and test scripts(if automated testing is involved)
  • Preparation of data for testing

Test Execution

Test Execution consists of:

  • Execution of test cases
  • Use a bug tracking tool to log bugs
  • Document test results
  • Use the RTM to map defects to the requirement
  • Track the bug’s status

Test Closure Test Closure consists of:
  • Test metrics is prepared considering test coverage, cost, time, quality etc.
  • Preparation of test closure report.
  • Defect distribution by type and severity is calculated.
  • Casual analysis and resolution(CAR) is prepared.
Test Process Analysis

Test process analysis is required before getting started with software testing. Documents that provide information to start off with testing are called test basis documents. These include SRS, system design, architecture, interface etc. With the help of these documents the testers understand the system and look for test conditions or possibilities that will be part of the test case. Once the test conditions have been identified they are prioritized and test cases are created.

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