Software Project Management

Software Project management includes all the necessary information and tools that are required to manage the process of software development projects. In order to execute a software development project plan properly, the manager drafts a plan that describes how the development will be carried out. The plan also focuses on how the quality standards will be maintained during the development process. The manager also defines how the development team will be organized, how risk management will be carried out.

Project Planning

Software Project Planning is required in order to control and monitor the complex processes involved in software development. Project planning is done to ensure that the project is completed well in time, the end product is of good quality and the project gets completed well in time. In order to go ahead with project planning it is important to take into account the project complexity, its size and level of structural uncertainty. A software project plan comprises of:

  • Scope: defines the problem and what needs to be done to resolve it.
  • Estimation: defines the effort and time that will go in completing the project.
  • Risk: Defines the obstruction that the team may face during software development and how that can be tackled.
  • Schedule: Allocation of resources so that the project can finish in time.
  • Control Strategy: defines how to go about quality control.

Project Staffing

In order to conduct project staffing it is important to define various roles, skills required for each role, how staffing will be scheduled and how staffing will be done for each role. For every role it is necessary to define the skills and competency requirements, the experience level, availabilityand salaryexpectations.

Project Coordination and Alignment of Stakeholders

It is the responsibility of the IT project coordinator to align the internal team members with the external stakeholders. This is done by coordinating various project phases and schedules, tracking progress and making arrangements for order supplies and support services. The project manager monitors the project coordination activities.

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