Your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
for International Software Test Institute™

We know that it is a very complex, overwhelming and overcrowded world with all Software Testing certifications out there in the market.

And yet we managed to build our Software Testing certification programs more concrete, attractive, helpful, useful and simpler than our competition did. This is why we believe our valuable students choose International Software Test Institute™ over bureaucratic, complex, expensive and half-baked solutions of our competitors.

On this Frequently Asked Questions page, we will be glad to help you by presenting a few questions and answers we received from our students who have already successfully completed their Software Testing certification programs from International Software Test Institute™. We hope that the answers we provide here in this page will support you to make the best choices of your Software Testing Certifications on your own career journey.

If you still have some further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us from e-mail address.

As part of our commitment for your world class Software Testing Education and Software Testing Certification Programs, we will be happy to serve you by replying your questions and support requests per e-mail in at most 24 hours if not quicker.

YOUR QUESTION: What is the duration of Software Testing certification programs?

After you register your Software Testing certification, the duration is entirely up to you. Once you study the material we provided you, you access your exam, you pass it and then you get your Software Testing certification. For most of our students it takes one to four days to prepare, but there are also students who finish everything in a couple of hours. So it is totally up to you, how quick you would like to proceed based on your available time to pursue your Software Testing certifications. You have the freedom to move with your own pace.

YOUR QUESTION: What will happen after my registration? Do I have to give my exam immediately? What happens if I fail?

After your registration there is no hurry to pass your examination. Your exam access code for your Software Testing certification will remain valid for 365 days. So you will have enough time to prepare for your Software Testing certification exam. In case you may fail, we will free of charge and automatically reactivate your Software Testing certification exam access code, so that you can take your examination once again whenever you would love to.

YOUR QUESTION: I found your web site after checking out USD 2,250 price from another Software Testing certification provider. That is too much for me to personally pay for. I am interested in making a certification program from your International Software Test Institute. However, I don’t have much background and project experience with Software Testing. Would the online training materials on your web site provide enough knowhow to pass Software Testing examinations?

Yes. They will absolutely provide enough knowhow to pass your Software Testing certification examinations. The free-of-charge online training materials located on International Software Test Institute's web site has been designed and written in a way that they cover all fundamental theoretical and practical aspects of Software Testing Framework. We have had many participants like you who have for the first time studied Software Testing on our web site and have passed the examination with above average score. Therefore, if you go through your training materials located under Your Free Software Testing Book and Your Free Premium Software Testing Training items from the top menu, you should achieve the examination of your Software Testing certification programs.

YOUR QUESTION: How are the success rates of Software Testing certification programs?

Success rate of Accredited Software Test Manager Certification and Accredited Software Tester Certification Programs is 99.5%, whereas the success rate of Accredited Software Automator Certification Program is 99%.

YOUR QUESTION: Can you please provide more insights about the structure of 50 questions of your Software Testing certification programs?

The first 30 questions in our Software Testing Certification examinations mainly focus on the general theoretical and practical aspects of Software Testing and Software Quality Assurance Methodologies. The last 20 questions focus on practical challenges and the way of thinking/acting aspects of Software Tester, Software Test Manager and Software Test Automator roles based on the Software Testing Certification Program you have chosen.

YOUR QUESTION: How soon after the registration, will I receive my access code to make the examination?

It is a matter of a few seconds. Access codes are generated real-time and you will receive your access code as soon as you finalize the registration procedure for your Software Testing certification programs.

YOUR QUESTION: How soon after the completion of my examination, will I receive my Certification and Test Results?

It is a matter of a few seconds. Your answers are processed and evaluated real-time and you will receive your certification and test results as soon as you submit the answers of your Software Testing Certification Examination.

YOUR QUESTION: I just received my access code, and yet I will be unable to make the examination in the coming few days. How long is the validity period of my access code?

No worries. The validity period of your examination access code is one year.

YOUR QUESTION: While I am making examination if I lose my Internet connectivity due to some technical issues, do I have to pay again to access the certification examination?

No problem at all. If this happens please inform us per e-mail and we will reactivate your examination access code free of charge.

YOUR QUESTION: I just received my certification document after a successful Software Test Manager Accredited Certification examination. Now I am just curious if there are any yearly or other recurring fees involved to stay certified?

No. There is only one time registration investment for a lifetime valid certification program. We don’t apply any yearly fees or other recurring charges for your Software Testing certification programs.

YOUR QUESTION: I forgot entering my maiden surname during my registration. Therefore, my maiden surname is now missing on my certification document. Do I have to pay an additional fee to fix this issue?

No. You don’t need to pay an additional fee. If you provide us your request per e-mail we will send your corrected certification document free of charge.

YOUR QUESTION: I just passed my Software Testing certification program. I know you don’t provide paper copies of your certifications, and yet can I still receive my certification in paper format?

In order to keep your service prices as minimum as it is possible we provide your certification documents in electronic pdf-format. However, the pdf-files are generated with high-resolution and you can easily print them onto a standard or high quality paper. On the other hand, if you still need us to post you a certification document in paper format, we can provide to you a separate offer which covers non-profit printing and shipment costs.

YOUR QUESTION: I am considering to register for Software Test Manager Accredited Certification program. However, I have never possessed such a certification and I just would like to understand how such a certification looks like?

Following is a miniaturized and low resolution sample which depicts how your Software Test Manager Accredited Certification document looks like.

YOUR QUESTION: What is the difference between the Software Testing certifications provided by International Software Testing Institute and other organizations?

According to our market analysis your online Software Testing certification programs cost less than 1/7 of the cheapest other online Software Testing certification program. Together with the trust of our thousands of certificants we have brought a modern and friendly approach into the field of online Software Testing certification programs which doesn't mandate Software Testing practitioners like you to receive expensive classroom trainings before you prove and certify your competence in Software Testing domain.
Moreover, please check out "What makes Your Software Testing Certification Programs Best of the Industry?" section on our home page to read why we perform and serve you far more better than our competition.

YOUR QUESTION: I am from India and I am wondering if I am eligible to apply Software Testing certification programs?

Yes. People from worldwide including Indian citizens are fully eligible for your Software Testing certification programs.

YOUR QUESTION: Are Software Testing certifications valid in USA and in Europe?

Yes. Certifications we issue are worldwide valid including in USA and in Europe.

YOUR QUESTION: I am going to register for a Software Testing certification program. Can I make the payment by using my credit issued from a Belgium bank?

Yes. Our trusted payment partners (Paypal and Stripe) accepts all major credit cards issued from all banks around the world including the banks from Belgium.

YOUR QUESTION: I don’t have a Paypal account. Can I still finalize the registration procedure of my Software Testing certification program without making a Paypal subscription?

Yes. After you’re redirected to Paypal web site, please click "Continue" link next to the "Don't have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account (where available)". On this page you are allowed to conduct your payment by using your credit card without making a Paypal subscription.

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