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Boost your Quality with built-in Software Testing Features

Frankfurt 20th Sep 2023 Up to 400 Participants

How to design Quality-driven Software with built-in Quality Assurance Features.

Accredited Software Test Managers Event

Mumbai 26th Jan 2024 Up to 750 Participants

Gathering of International Software Test Institute’s Accredited Software Test Managers.

Test Project Management and Governance Techniques in Software Engineering

Vienna 18th May 2024 Up to 500 Participants

How to deliver your Software Testing Projects on-time by still enabling maximum Quality Assurance.

Software Testing Executive Event

Boston 24th Sep 2024 Up to 500 Participants

Case Studies and Leading Practice Examples of Software Quality Assurance for Software Testing Executives.

Quality Assurance - A journey to Standardization and Industrialization

London 13th Dec 2024 Up to 300 Participants

How to embrace and cultivate Software Testing to build and accelerate your Brand.

Making Confident Decisions by leveraging Power and Culture of a reliable Software Testing

San Francisco 27th Mar 2025 Up to 100 Participants

Time to understand and emphasize the value of Software Test and Quality Assurance Teams.