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Are You Looking For PDUs? You Shouldn't!

International Software Test Institute™
01 September 2022

PDU Lock-In Business Model Lock-In Free Education Degrees

Hi there, I hope I found you well and healthy. I am writing you about a subject that I was thinking since long time to write about it. Today is the day. :)

Are you looking for PDUs (Professional Development Units) to get or maintain a degree?

You shouldn't. Here is why? Because PDU is a byproduct of Lock-In Business Model, and this business model badly takes advantage of students.

In a minute I will tell you what the Lock-In Business Model is, why it's a very lucrative source of income for education providers, and why it's bad for students.

Let's say you're a person who loves reading, studying and absorbing the world's information. And then you decided to have a degree in subject X to have proven credibility or may be for some social proof. Subject X here can be anything you want to learn and improve. No limits. Then you make your degree in this subject X from a "reputable and famous" education company. So far, so good..

Here comes the big surprise. In order to maintain your degree from this "famous company", you need to regularly pay for something. You need to pay for your PDUs. All sorts of fees. The "famous company" keeps you busy to continuously pay extras just because you want your name to associate with them. This is what we call "Lock-In Business Model" in education industry.

Membership, subscription, community, additional content, books, videos, tools, events, so on and so forth. "Famous company" doesn't really sincerely care about your educational needs. It really doesn't matter for them if you really require to pay for these goodies to stay fit with your knowledge and degree. What they really care is locked-in income they milk from you. Imagine you could be leading a space shuttle team and accomplish a successful mission, but "famous company" can still revoke your leadership degree because you don't pay additional PDU fees. ;)

Ironic. Isn't?

Let's open your eyes. We need to be careful and we should never forget that education is a business too. There are countless other examples of how "famous companies" optimise their income for themselves while they badly abuse their students.

Regardless you live majority of your life from a business person or a consumer point of view, you should be well aware of the most common business models globally used.

As a business person, business models can help you better and honestly help your audience and as a consumer your knowledge about business models can help you uncover the hidden agendas of "famous companies" in all industries. While you're spending your money on something, spend also a few minutes to think about what sort of business model you're stepping in. Are you stepping in a model that is built to solve your problems or a business model that is built to make you pay and pay and pay soon again.

If you read until this point, I want to share two useful things that may enrich your thinking even further.

1. This is an inventory, a checklist of 55 most common business models globally used. As mentioned before you need to be aware of them not only as a professional, but also as a consumer too.

A Comprehensive List of Business Models To Accelerate You and Your Business.

2. This is a lock-in free and globally recognized Software Testing Certification Degree like our other programs. If you may not need such a degree at this time, please feel free to recommend our lock-in free, affordable and student-friendly services to your valuable friends and colleagues.

Software Test Manager Accredited Certification™ Program

Thank your very much for your support and attention.

And take care. :)


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